Self Watering Pot, Small H12D11
Self Watering Pot Small Dimensions

Self Watering Pot, Small H12D11

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Part no.: EL-SWP-03


  • Outer-height: 12cm
  • Inner-height: 7cm
  • Outer-width: 11cm
  • Inner-width: 8cm


Concept of Self Watering Pots

Our Self Watering Pots is actually made up of two pots; the inner pot holds the grow medium (soil, leca, moss etc) whilst the outer transparent pot holds the water or nutrient liquid.

These pots use a wick to transfer the water or nutrient liquid from the outer pot to the medium via capillary action and keeps the medium moist as long as the wick is in contact with the water or nutrient liquid. The outer pot is transparent so it is easy to know when it is time to top up the liquid.

This system also comprise of a layer of geo-textile which ensures that for mediums like sand or soil, it does not drop into the outer pot and thus keeping the liquid clean.


Also available in Medium and Large sizes.