PAR38 LED Lamp EL-P38-C18A

(E27 Bulb) PAR38 Lamp, 18W, Red/White

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Part no.: EL-P38-C18A

The PAR series uses the standard PAR38 fixture with built-in driver and heatsink.
The lamp is a combination of high efficacy White, 660nm Red Power LEDs.

This model uses PMMA optics to produce a narrow viewing angle and suitable for smaller area and higher concentration of light energy.

This series is suitable if you need to place the lamp at a further distance.

  • Easy to mount using E27 socket or track light holder
  • Standard PAR38 Fixture
  • Efficient Heatsink
  • Typical Power of 18W
  • High Power Efficiency


  • Input : 200 to 250VAC, 50Hz
  • Power : 18W (typical)
  • PF : Above 90%
  • Viewing Angle : 60°
  • PPFD (30cm) : 280umol/m2s(typical)
  • Red/Blue Ratio : 3.5 (typical)
  • Size: 12cm diameter / 15cm height
  • Weight : 200g (typical)

 PAR38 Lamp PPFD Spectrum