SOLA Series LED Tube

(Tube) 4 Feet Sola B, 20W, Red/Blue

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Part no.: EL-H10-4C20B
Model Name: SOLA-B 4FT

The SOLA series uses the standard T8 fixture with built-in driver and heatsink. The tube uses various types of leds including deep red, violet, blue and high efficacy white to produce a variety of spectrums which can be used for different type of plants and vegetables, both flowering or non-flowering.

These tubes are meant for close proximity growing and is suitable for the experienced farmer who would like to experiment with a variety of crops.

  • Easy to set up
  • Standard T8
  • Available in 2 feet and 4 feet (600mm and 1.2m)
  • Built-in Heatsink
  • Single Ended Input
  • High Power Efficiency
  • Can be fitted with IP65 fixture

The B model was developed for the purpose of supporting tissue culture programs. This tube uses 3 times of blue against the 660nm red and the result is a very purplish light which is useful for the development of plant tissue.
This combination is also good for saplings in their early development although it is tough to work with such lighting conditions unless in a controlled environment.

  • Length: 4 Feet
  • Input : 200 to 250VAC, 50Hz
  • Power : 12W (typical)
  • PF : Above 90%
  • Viewing Angle : 120°
  • PPFD (30cm) : 48umol/m2s(typical)
  • Red/Blue Ratio : 2.8 (typical)