EASY Series LED Tube EL-H8-2C09A

(Tube) 2 Feet EASY B tube

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Part no.: EL-H8-2F09B

This series of horticulture lamp uses the standard T8 fixture with built-in driver and very easy to set up.
The tube is a combination of white, warm white cost effective branded LEDs and providing a balance of the various colour spectrum that is essential to plant growth.

This fixture is designed for close proximity lighting system.
An easy, affordable and efficient way to start your own indoor plant system.

  • Easy to set up
  • Direct AC Input
  • Standard T8, 2 feet (600mm)
  • Single Ended Input
  • Lightweight
  • High Power Efficiency
  • Cost Effective
  • Non-IP

Electrical Specifications:

  • Input : 200 to 250VAC, 50Hz
  • Power : 10W (typical)
  • Viewing Angle : 120°

The EASY-B is basically a full spectrum white tube. In view of the high level of blue light, this spectrum is suitable to help in the germination of certain plants and provide good form and foundation for the saplings. Also good for succulents and plants that contains red pigments.

EASY B PPFD Spectrum

Light Specifications:

  • PPFD (30cm) : 35umol/m2s(typical)
  • Red/Blue Ratio : 0.9 (typical)